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A family name that is held close to Fraser and Shannon.

The logo, a native Pohuehue vine represents the twining together of owners Fraser and Shannon and the purely special experience they create together in the restaurant.

Inviting guests to dine on the finest New Zealand produce available in beautiful surroundings, while enjoying the comfort of having Fraser and Shannon take care of you.

With a relaxed yet sophisticated dining room and views through to the open kitchen, the experience will have you feeling like you have just stepped into their welcoming home. Offering a 3 course menu, where you can select your own dishes or a set 6 course menu that changes often, to keep in season with the fresh produce and whole animals that they use. 




Opening Hours

 Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday -  Closed

Thursday - Open from 6pm

Friday - Open from 6pm

Saturday - Open from 6pm

Sunday - Lunch from 12pm & Dinner from 6pm





  19 Khyber Pass Road
Auckland, 1023